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Dama HDM189HPD/S Automatic Tyre Changer

Dama HDM189HPD/S Automatic Tyre Changer

Dama HDM189HPD/S Automatic Tyre Changer

This is the top of the range Dama tyre changer that offers outstanding features to meet the needs of the busiest tyre bay but still at a very affordable price.

The strong and accurate build quality and tilt column action gives precise tyre changing capabilities to a huge range of wheels including motorcycle, low profile, run-flat and 4x4. The machine is equipped with a built in tubeless inflation system with on-board tank and rapid air injection jets as well as a leverless hook device that makes the tyre fitting seamless and automated.

The HDM189 offers a twin speed turntable, clamping from 11” to an impressive 26” (internal) 24” (external) and tyre widths from 3” to 15”. The bead breaker has 2 positions and an impressive 3200kg force and comes complete with filter, regulator, tyre pressure gauge, tyre lever and soap bucket. This unit is delivered in 3 phase 400V.

Price includes delivery and installation.

Only £2595.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdm189hpds
Lease From £14.07 Per Week
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Dama HDM185D Automatic Tyre Changer with 3rd Arm Assist

3rd Arm Assist

With the addition of the 3rd arm assist system, low profile, run flat and specialist tyres can be removed with ease. With the additional control lever, the assist arms guide the tyre to help removal and fitting.

Only £2995.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdm189hpds/aa390h
Lease From £16.24 Per Week
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Standard Equipment

  • Leverless hook device included
  • Tilt column action
  • Air / oil filter/regulator
  • Tyre inflation with pressure gauge
  • Tyre lever
  • Soap bucket
  • Plastic protectors for demount head / jaws
  • Antitrap pedal shape
  • 2 positions for bead breaker
  • 2 positions for rim width adjust
  • Twin speed for 400V/3Ph version
  • DM189HPD · Available without leverless hook device

Technical Specification

Tyre width 3"-15"
Wheels (from inside) 13" - 26"
Wheels (from outside) 11" - 24"
Current - Power Supply 400V / 3ph / 0.85KW / 50Hz
230V / 1ph 1.1KW / 50Hz
Operating Pressure 8-10 bar
Bead Breaker Force 3200Kg
Rotation Speed 6.5 - 13 rpm
Net Weight 283Kg
Warranty 14 months


Dama HDM189HPD/S Automatic Tyre Changer

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