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Texa Axone 4 Diagnostic Tester

Texa Axone 4 Diagnostic Tester

Texa Axone 4 Diagnostic Tester

The AXONE 4 is the new "TEXA diagnosis flagship", including the latest technical features to offer a market leading diagnostic solution for the workshop. The AXONE 4 presents a series of unique characteristics, many of which are linked to the functionality provided by an internet connection. The large 9.7" TFT touch screen captures the attention, with resolution of 1024 x 768 and high quality graphics.

All functions are accessed directly through the touchscreen (where required a virtual keyboard is available), and the only physical buttons are an on/off and multifunction.


Texa Axone 4 Diagnostic Tester

The AXONE 4 features a latest generation Intel Atom processor, complete with 1 Gb RAM memory, and an advanced 32 Gb solid state (no moving parts) hard disk, which consumes less power and requires less cooling and the display can be used in either portrait or landscape modes. The technician can choose their preferred option, as required.

The wireless connection provides Wi-Fi as standard, to connect to the work- shop wireless network, which allows download of the latest update and access to the online services, as well as dual Bluetooth to communication with the various TEXA diagnosis and measurement interfaces. Another feature which has not previously been available on a diagnostic tool, is an option to connect to a smartphone, which will allow access to the internet whilst on the road.

Texa Axone 4 Diagnostic TesterTexa Axone 4 Diagnostic Tester

The unit also features a VGA camera, which is useful for documenting and saving specific information from the vehicle for future reference, or to attach an image to a spare parts purchase order.

The AXONE 4 has been designed for exclusive connection via Bluetooth to a TEXA diagnosis interface. For workshops repairing Car and Light commercial vehicles, the revolutionary Navigator Nano, provides a unique miniaturised Vehicle interface, which communicates via Bluetooth with the Axone 4. For workshops repairing Car, Truck and Agricultural vehicles the Navigator TXT provides a robust vehicle interface to cover all these application in conjunction with the Axone 4. Additionally, the Axone 4 uses the established IDC4 software for all the available vehicle types, and is simple to use whilst offering the technician a complete range of diagnostic functions including adjustments and coding. Additional features such as the technical information, technical bulletins, "Solved problems" function, TGS2 vehicle system scan and a large database of wiring diagrams. The customer management feature allows data to be recorded and saved under the vehicle registration number for future reference during the diagnostic procedure.

In addition to these functions, the IDC4 software benefits from the new 'continuous updates' feature to ensure the latest vehicle coverage is available, and also has the option to link into the Parts catalogues of companies who have a working agreement with TEXA. This procedure allows for the easier identification of the correct spare parts, saving time in the workshop. With the AXONE 4, all procedures can therefore be easily carried out in the workshop, from initial diagnosis to repair.

The AXONE 4 can also be used in conjunction with TEXA tools, for emissions analysis (OPABOX and GASBOX), traditional test and measurement (UNIProbe and TwinProbe), as well as on-board system logging tools (OBD MATRIX and OBD Log).