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G-scan 2

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G-scan 2

G-scan 2 Base

The G Scan diagnostic testers are renowned as the market leading diagnostic scan tools for both Asian and European vehicles, with outstanding capabilities and performance.

The G-scan products have led the market in Asian vehicle diagnostics for many years offering OEM software for Kia and Hyundai, as well as outstanding depth and breadth of software in all other manufacturers. Nowadays the G-scan range of testers can be truly considered as an "all makes" diagnostic tool with the rapid growth of European software coverage whilst retaining their market leading position in Asian vehicles. This is further complimented with the impressive coverage of American vehicle manufacturers.

The G Scan 2 follows on from the hugely successful G Scan 1 offering improvements in the Windows operating system, triple fast processor, ease of navigation and outstanding features, making the G Scan 2 a must have tool for Asian and European diagnostics. The fast and intuitive software give in-depth capabilities on a huge range of vehicle makes and models, which is updated and expanded 3 times per year.


  • Market leading coverage for Asian cars and trucks
  • Excellent European & American vehicle coverage
  • OE software coverage for Kia & Hyundai
  • Instant boot-up from standby mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for cable free updates and wireless printing
  • Super fast triple processor for high speed performance
  • Memo and screen grab functions - make notes on screen for later retrieval and printing
  • Simulation function for in-depth diagnostics
  • 7" High definition, sunlight readable, LCD colour touch screen
  • 12 button menu navigation system
  • 16 GB SD memory card
  • Windows CE 6.0 operating system
  • Special functions calculator for Ohm's law, parallel resistances and more
  • Handy unit converter
  • 1 year software updates
  • 1 year warranty


  • G-Scan 2 Unit
  • 16GB SD Card
  • DLC Main Cable
  • SD Card Reader
  • Self Test Adapter
  • PC Utility CD & Quick Manual
  • Cardboard storage box
  • AC/DC Adapter

Technical Specification

Category Specifications
Micro Controller Triple CPU Main control board ARM11 @ 600MHz
Communication Board ARM9 @ 266MHz
Measurement Board (Optional) ARM9 @ 266MHz
System Memory Main Control Board NAND : Flash 128MB and SD RAM 256 MB
Main Control Board NAND : Flash 32MB and SD RAM 8Mb
Main Control Board NAND : Flash 32MB and SD RAM 8MB
External Memory 16GB SD Card
LCD 7” TFT LCD (1024 X 600 pixel)
Input Devices Touch Screen
Power, Enter and ESC Keys
4 way directional keys, F1 ~ F6 function keys
Indication Lamps 3 Color LED
Sound Suzzer and speaker
Rechargeable Battery Li-lon Polymer 2100m Ah 1Cell
Operating Voltage 7 ~ 35V DC (10~35V for charging)
Housing Material PC + ABS resin with rubber shrouds
Dimension 230 X 146 X 72 mm (with VMI pack mounted)
Weight Approx. 1300g (with VMI pack mounted)


Category Specifications
External COM port 1 X USB 2.0 standard (master) + 1 X mini USB (slave)
WiFi Module On-board
Blue Tooth On-board

AC/DC Adapter

Category Specifications
Input Power 100 ~ 240V AC
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz


G-scan 2 Manual

Click here for G-scan Software

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G-scan 2 Lite

G-scan 2 LiteG-scan 2 Lite

All the outstanding capability and performance of the G-Scan Base plus... built in Oscilloscope & Digital Multimeter

All the contents of the G Scan Base kit plus

Oscilloscope Kit:

  • Ground Cable
  • Channel A Probe (Red) Cable
  • Channel B Probe (Yellow) Cable
  • Scope Pins (Red & Black)
  • Spring Pins
  • Scope Clip (Red & Black)


G-scan 2 Manual

Click here for G-scan Software

Click here for Optional Items

G-scan 2 Full

G-scan 2 FullG-scan 2 Lite

All the outstanding capability and performance of the G-Scan Lite including the Oscilloscope plus...

Asian adapters for pre EOBD sockets.

  1. Daewoo 12 Pin
  2. Honda / Acura 3 Pin
  3. Kia 6 Pin
  4. Hyundai / Kia Keyless
  5. Kia 20 Pin 'A'
  6. Kia 20 Pin 'B'
  7. Mazda 17 Pin
  8. Mitsubishi / Hyundai 12+16 Pin
  9. Nissan 14 Pin
  10. Ssangyong 14 Pin
  11. Ssangyong 20 Pin
  12. Subaru 9 Pin
  13. Toyota 17 Pin Round
  14. Toyota 17+1 Pin Square

Optional Vehicle Cables

  1. BMW 20 Pin
  2. Mercedes 38 Pin
  3. VAG 2x2 Pin