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Bosch KTS570 / KTS540 Diagnostic Testers

Modules to use with laptop or PC

Bosch KTS570 / KTS540 Diagnostic Testers

Rapid troubleshooting with reliable results are a major requirement for all vehicles brought to the workshop today and in the future. With KTS technology, you are well equipped to meet the demands placed on workshops today by modern vehicle technology.

The performance, ergonomics and ease of use of the new KTS series have been further improved especially with complex electronic vehicle systems in mind.

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The easier way to test complex electronics

  • Intelligent and with a secure future due to internal OBD-exchange adapter
  • Software-controlled by ESI[tronic]
  • Simple connection of the KTS series to vehicles
  • Clear communication via multiplexer and future cable adapter recognition: K and L line, SAE and CAN can be connected to all possible terminals on the OBD connector
  • Intelligent adapter cable guarantees for the future:
    • Reliable control of the multiplexer
    • Automatic ECU search function
  • OBD-exchange adapter integrated in device, for simple replacement later with an updated version
  • Simple fastening and releasing by means of a module mounting bracket
  • Visual and acoustic status identification/monitoring of the wireless connection
  • Simulation mode can be adjusted individually via the DDC
  • Resistance measurement with enhanced measurement ranges
  • Continuity tester for locating faults
  • Diode measurement for testing in components
  • Voltage measurement with enhanced measurement functions
  • Current measurement with additional adaptation option of FSA current clamps
  • Universal application for passenger cars and commercial vehicles by means of universal OBD connector, for 14 V and 28 V vehicle electrical systems

KTS570/540 wireless: convenient and mobile thanks to wireless Bluetooth data transfer

  • Bluetooth Standard Class 1 with a range of up to 100 m
  • Bluetooth USB adapter from Bosch included in scope of delivery for convenient and simple initial installation
  • Control and activation of the installation by means of the integral DDC (Diagnostics Device Configuration) software
  • Automatic KTS module search
  • Wireless connection test by the integrated transducer
  • Test program for testing the wireless connection

Convincing advantages for the workshop

  • Only one direct connection cable
  • Automatic recognition of the vehicle-specific connection
  • Simple, fast adaptation at the vehicle with no risk of incorrect connections
  • Check of connection and matching connection cable
  • Fewer plug connections
  • Simplified and intelligent multiplexer control

NEW! Simplified adapter concept “Easy Connect”

For reliable recognition of manufacturer-specific diagnostic connections, Bosch now introduces the new simplified adapter concept “Easy Connect”. Now, all that needs to be done for reliable control unit diagnostics is to join the manufacturer-specific adapter cable and the OBD diagnostics cable to make a direct connection.


For a detailed look at the benefits of the oscilloscope, see the KTS Oscilloscope page.


Bosch KTS540 Sales Leaflet

Bosch KTS570 Sales Leaflet

Technical Data

  • KTS570: 2-channel multimeter and 2-channel oscilloscope
  • KTS540, 530: 1-channel multimeter
Resistance measurement:
  • Measured value accuracy 1% of mean
  • Option to zero in the software
  • Measurement range 100 Ω to 1 MΩ
Voltage measurement:
  • Voltage measurement range valid for direct and alternating current
  • Measurement range +/-200 mV to +/-200 V (resolution 0.1 mV to 100 mV)
Current measurement:
  • Current measurement via optional external transformer (current clamp, shunt)
  • The FSA current clamp can be used


Bosch software is renowned across the world as the best diagnostic information available. In addition to the SD diagnostic software that runs the KTS platform there are other very valuable software packages to enhamce your diagnostic experience.

  • SIS - Diagnostic trouble shooting and repair information with 4 updates per year
  • M - Vehicle mechanical and service information
  • P - Vehicle wiring diagrams for body electrics
  • TSB - Technical service bulletins

Software options available for the KTS570 and KTS540 :

A, SD ECU diagnosis
P/No. : kts5ac12sd
Currently Unavailable
A, SD & SIS ECU diagnosis + troubleshooting and repair
P/No. : kts5ac9sdsis
Currently Unavailable
A, SD, SIS, M, P & TSB Complete technical package
P/No. : kts5ac9mptsb
Currently Unavailable
A, SD, SIS, 3 Year ECU diagnosis + troubleshooting 3Year
P/No. : kts5ac93y
Currently Unavailable
A, SD, SIS, M, P & TSB 3 Year Complete technical package 3Year
P/No. : kts5ac9mptsb3y
Currently Unavailable