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Durametric Porsche Diagnostic Tester - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What cars does your software work on?

Answer: We currently only make software that works on the following Porsche models: 1990 and newer 944, 968, 964 & 993 Carrera, 986 Boxster, 996 Carrera, 987 Boxster, 987 Cayman, 997 Carrera 955 Cayenne. We are always working on new models and features.

Question: Does this software work on European Specification or ROW (Rest Of World) cars.

Answer: Yes, this software works on all models we support regardless of the country that the car was made for.

Question: Can this software recalibrate the mileage?

Answer: No this software cannot change the mileage on any car

Question: Can the software reset the service reminder The cars instrument cluster says "Maintenance is due in xxx miles"

Answer: Yes the durametric software can clear the service reminder on all Porsche vehicle that have one. Click on "Instrument Cluster" then "Reset Service Reminder"  Note: "Service Now" is different to"Maintenance due in" the "Service Now" message is an indication that there is a fault code stored in one of the cars systems. "Mainteneance Due" is the car service reminder.

Question: What about updates?

Answer: If you purchase an interface adapter from us you are entitled to free software updates for as long as you own the hardware.

Question: What can Durametric software do for my car?

Answer: You can read diagnostic trouble codes, with description, and reset the indicator light for most systems.

Question: Will this software allow me to see the Over-revs of my engine?

Answer: Yes, on 911 and Boxster the software will show you range 1 and range 2 (Over-revs) ignitions Screen Shot On 997 and Boxster 987 We display all 6 ranges

Question: What control modules can be accessed and reset with this software?

Answer: Please see our Model/Feature Matrix

Question: Does your software allow you to bleed the brakes

Answer: Not yet but we will be adding this in the future

Question: Does your software allow you to enable the on board computer (OBC)?

Answer: Not at this time

Question: Does your software allow you to change the odometer of the car?

Answer: No

Question: Can this software reprogram the keys and remotes for Porsche cars?

Answer: Not at this time.

Question: Does the software allow you to readout the ECU's Memory?

Answer: In some cases certain stored data is available for read only. Example: you can read the VIN number that is associated with the DME, though you cannot change it.

Question: Why do you use USB cables?

Answer: USB has been standard on all laptops made for the last 4 years while serial ports are almost non-existent

Question: What type of USB port is required?

Answer: The hardware is compatible with both USB 1.0 and USB 2.0.

Question: Can I use this hardware with other software or other makes of cars?

Answer: Our USB to Porsche adapter should never be plugged into any other car. Our adapter uses non-standard pins and may cause damage to the car or the adapter.

Question: Is the Durametric Interface compatible with the Porsche System Tester, or PIWIS software?

Answer: No, our hardware is not compatible with any factory Porsche software.

Question: Can I capture 0-60 figures and other performance metrics?

Answer: No, we do not support any performance metrics using our software. Though you could log the values and analyse this in excel.

Question: Can the software be installed on more then one computer?

Answer: Yes you can install the software on as many computers as you like, and you can always download the latest version from our website

Question: If one end of the cable plugs into the computer what does the other end of the cable plug into?

Answer: The other end of the cable plugs into the cars diagnostic port, this is the same port as used by OBDII. Our cable was only designed to work on Porsche cars and should not be plugged into any other type of vehicle.